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It's Just History Repeating

Let's go back a few years...

2005- I was chunk-ay, very chunk-ay! I started playing golf regularly with my dad and started shedding weight without any effort. When I realized I was losing weight without trying, I decided to start trying. My mom had been a lifetime member of Weight Watchers for years and it had always worked for her so I decided to take guidance from her. 
2007- I was 35 pounds lighter than in 2005.

Yes, it took several years, but large weight loss like that is a process.
Needless to say, I was amazed at the difference and very pleased with the results of my weight loss.

Dear 11th grade body, 
Please come back to me.
Love, Jessica

Now, let's look at the present...

2011- Of the 35 pounds that I initially lost, I have been in constant battle with 10 of those pounds. My weight has fluctuated by those 10 pounds for several years now. Since 2005, I have been a cautious eater. Not to say every thing I have put in my mouth has been super healthy, but I have known what I was eating and have tried not to gain weight. Recently, I have become uncomfortable with the extra weight I've been carrying.

Yesterday, I started
That basically means that I've been starving for two days, but it's ok.

My mom has been seriously focusing on the Weight Watchers program since October and has shed 20 pounds.
Let me tell ya, she looks great!
CONGRATULATIONS, Momma. You be lookin' supa fiiiine!

And for the future...

June 6, 2011- I will be 5-10 pounds lighter than I am right now. My big beach trip of the year is the first full week of June. My goal is to be -5 pounds before then. I know it will make me feel a lot more confident in a bikini, and I can't wait.

So here I go...
counting points like a maniac
frequenting the gym 
just like old times.

I need a gym partner so if you're interested, let me know!
It's always easier and more enjoyable in the gym if I have someone to talk to and motivate/support me.

Motivation is everything. 

Wish me luck!!

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