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Shape Up Your Space

This geometric shape has made its return, only this time with a modern twist.

The best way to use this stand-out shape in your home is to combine mod chevrons with traditional looks such as solids, subtle patterns, or other geometrics.

This chevron patterned hardwood flooring is stunning.
If you're looking to create a more modern space with no budget then this is the route to take.
This unique, eye catching floor pattern will serve as a focal point for your space and is sure to be noticed by all who enter your home.

Not quite ready to drop several grand on hardwood flooring?
How about adding a chevron patterned area rug?
A new, bold rug will instantly spice up your space, giving you a brand new look and feel to the room.
Adding an area rug can make a space go from drab to fab, just like that.

So maybe the 8' area rug is just "too much chevron" for you.
Maybe you could start with an accent pillow or chair.
Aren't these two items just gorgeous?
The pillow is a very subtle, yet gorgeous, cream color with an incredible chevron pattern sewn in.
The chair is...amazing! The crisp yellow says, "Hello summer!" and the change in pattern says, "I'm creative, unique, and my room is cooler than yours."

Ok so maybe you take baby steps and drastic change just isn't your thing.
First, buy a few chevron patterned dishes like this cutesy little clay coffee mug.
Next thing you know, you'll be in love and be putting chevron draperies in your kitchen. 
I just know it.

These images make me want to escape my house and move into west elm.
How perfect would that be?
Patterns galore. All day. Every day. 

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  1. I love chevron floors.... someday... sigh. I am now your newest follower. xo