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Tie the Knot

Summer is almost here!
Do you know what that means?

Weddings galore!

Currently, all of the hype is about the 
Royal Wedding.
On Friday, Prince William will wed Kate Middleton 
in Westminster Abbey.

Many, many people are, in my opinion, overly excited about this event.
Yes, it will be an absolutely stunning event and they will
live happily ever after
as royalty.
No biggie.
Aren't they both so gorgeous?
Look at that ring!!

Now on to a wedding I'm more interested in.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert
These two country stars will wed on May 14, 2011
in Miranda's home state of Texas.

As I've said before, country music is my thing so this event excites me.
These two are perfect for each other...they are gorgeous, can sing, and are both very laid back and easy going.
I just want to go spend a day with this fun loving couple one day!
How much fun would that be?

And for my big news of the day and my favorite upcoming wedding...

Justin Jonus and Molly Caudell
were engaged today on Easter Sunday.

Molly has been my best friend since we thought boys had cooties.
I can't believe she's getting married!!
My goodness, what a hot couple!

Molly, I am so excited for you. I know you are going to make a wonderful wife. I wish you two the best of luck in all of your future endeavors together. I love you so much, best friend!


I better run now, literally! Now that Molly is engaged, I'm going to have to devote a lot more of my time to the gym and a lot less to the pantry. 
Fat bridesmaid's are not cool. 

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