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College Dinner

Since moving away from home, 
the key to my survival has been

Smart Ones 
(more commonly known as Lean Cuisines, but they're different).
Smart Ones are made by Weight Watchers which my mom swears by so I go for the red box!

I cook sometimes, but Lean Cuisines are so much cheaper, easier, and quicker when it's just me eating.
For my college student budget and schedule, they're perfect.

Let me tell you how to cook one to PERFECTION
no matter which one it is...

Put it in the microwave for the whole time. No taking out and stirring nonsense.
When the time is up, leave it in the microwave for at least two minutes.
Then, take it out, stir it up, put it in another bowl, and enjoy!

These are my two favorites!
Trust me, I think I've tried them all and these are pretty noteworthy.
Try them...if you want. 
I, personally, think they're pretty tasty!

Ready in less than 2 minutes total and super yummy!!
Ignore the "stir it up" step for this one.

Usually, I don't eat the pasta ones with meat, but this one is so good. 

Find them in the frozen food section.
Healthy. Cheap. Quick. Tasty.
What could be better?

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