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As I was watching Girls' Night Out last night, 
I realized one thing and that is that 
Carrie Underwood
is absolutely incredible
Not only can she sing like an angel, she is an amazing person, inside and out.

We can all look at her and see how unbelievably gorgeous she is. 
Carrie uses all of her potential beauty to be such a show stopper on the outside. She is also just as beautiful on the inside. As such a healthy woman who takes care of her body, she isn't over consumed with being thin; she's just interested in being healthy.

We can all listen to her sing and get chills from her beautiful voice.
Personally, I believe she is the best singer I have ever heard, hands down.

But I doubt we all knew that she is a woman of God.
Last night, she sang "How Great Thou Art" alongside Vince Gill. I had chills and tears in my eyes from the beginning to the end.

And I doubt we all knew that she is charitable.
Carrie donated instruments to Checotah Elementary School to benefit the musical arts program. She strongly believes in the importance of music in education and does what she can to keep it alive.

And I doubt we all knew that she always stays grounded.
If you didn't know, Carrie is from Checotah, Oklahoma (Population-4,000).
She still goes back to her home town and acts like she never left and became the star that she is. She remembers what her parents taught her and how she was raised.

Carrie Underwood should be an idol and a role model to all women. She exemplifies all of the characteristics that we all wish to have. 

Today, let's take note from Carrie Underwood.
 Let's take time to all be the best we can be in every way, every day.

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