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My Mind is Turning

As I sit in my favorite, ahem, class, art history, I am thinking of everything in the world except for these absolutely incredible Gothic cathedrals the instructor is discussing. It's just one of those days; I'm sure you've had one. Spanish should be the only thing on my mind considering I have a HUGE exam in the morning, but I haven't even opened my book today. 

These are the things I'm thinking about instead. 
Go ahead and read them all. You may learn a few things about me, find out we're more alike than you thought, or you may just leave this post thinking I'm crazy (which may be true)

I always wear a watch, my David Yurman bracelet, and earrings.
I wouldn't mind making that a watch, 2 Yurman bracelets, a Yurman ring, and earrings.

Mac > PC

I miss playing golf everyday.

Cupcakes are gross. I wish I didn't have to see GiGi's and gag every day.

No other deli will ever compare to Mill St. Deli so they should just quit trying.

I really need something to wear on Easter.

I would be perfectly fine if HGTV, E!, and Style were the only three channels on  my TV.

True friends are the best.

Country music is where it's at. 
You don't have to tell me how grammatically incorrect that statement is, it's for emphasis.

Wedges or cowgirl boots are the way to go.

Who ever declared big t-shirts and running shorts the uniform of college girls is one of the smartest people ever born.

Summer needs to get here, like now.

The words "epic" and "legit" are way too overused and most often used incorrectly. "Legit" isn't even a word, geez. 

Long haired, Chaco wearing, bike riding college boys are sexy.

Wavy hair > straight hair

Oakleys are ugly.

The beach is Heaven sent.

I drink way more water than recommended daily. It's important.

Bike lanes are for bikes, sidewalks are for walkers.

SUVs are better than cars.

I hate talking on the phone. If you need me, text me.

I don't understand Twitter. HELP!

Art has meaning, evaluate.
Until last semester, I didn't appreciate the meaning of art. Now, I never see an art work without trying to find the elements and principles of design within it and understand the meaning.

Have a great Thursday, y'all. I guess I'll get to studying Spanish now.

P.S. I'm sorry I've kind of overloaded you with posts in the last two days; I've just now gotten a chance to catch up from all I missed last week.

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