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My Future Husband

If you have talked to me in the past few months then you know that I have a slight major obsession with 
Paul McDonald.

How could this smile not brighten your day?

Paul is a 25 year old singer/songwriter originally from Hampton Cove, Alabama (only about an hour from my hometown). Fun fact: his mom is from Albertville, you know, that stinky place next to Boaz. He went to Auburn University and majored in pre-dentistry. In order to pursue his hobby and dream of singing, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee. There, he and his band The Grand Magnolias play in bars around town. He auditioned for season 10 of American Idol in Nashville and brought a new light to the season. He has a unique, scruffy appearance and a voice that would remind you of Rod Stewart, not to mention those pearly whites.

Unfortunately, Paul was eliminated from the show tonight. I'm not a happy camper to say it nicely. 

I'm sure that Paul and The Grand Magnolias will go far regardless of this disappointing elimination. Thanks to American Idol, we all know who they are now. 
If things ever get cold, he's got his gorgeous girlfriend, Nikki Reed, from Twilight, to cheer him up, but if things fall through there, I'll be waiting

Paul, you can sing me to sleep every night and I promise to never ever be mean to you, complain, or make you do anything (besides sing).

Enjoy Paul McDonald singing "Maggie May"-This is the song that he auditioned with and the judges loved it so much they requested he sing it tonight one last time.

Buy The Grand Magnolias album off iTunes. It's amazing.

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