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A Day

Yesterday was yet another Saturday consisting of sun burn, and I loved every second of it. Sun burn means warm weather and SUMMER so I'll take it!

Yesterday was A Day. 
It was almost as cool as an Alabama Saturday in Tuscaloosa in the fall but not quite. Ok, I won't lie. It was extremely boring. The excitement of football comes from having that undying passion for Crimson Tide football and wanting nothing more than for them to get out on the field and beat the ever loving stew out of the opponent. When they're playing against themselves, what are the fans supposed to do? Cheer against their own team?
 No. Notta gonna happen. Sorry, budreaux. 

Yes, I understand that here at the University of Alabama, we may take football a little too seriously. Just as the motto says, 
"At some places they play football, at Alabama, we live it."

My boyfriend, Sean, his roommate, Matt, and I had a wonderful time at the game despite the hot weather and boring game. It got us excited for fall 2011 football in Bryant Denny Stadium!

Sean and I went to the stadium today to just look around and enjoy the gorgeous weather. We had a conversation about how being on campus and at Bryant Denny Stadium makes us feel. It went a little something like this:
"I can not wait for football." -Sean
"Oh, I know. Something about being here just gives me chills. We're so blessed to get to go to school here." -Me
"Anyone who doesn't get chills when they see this stadium is messed up. I hope no one ever takes being here for granted." -Sean
"It is so incredible." Me while standing, amazed by the unbelievable size of the stadium and dreaming of the loudness and excitement of being at games. 
Oh! I can't wait!!!

Also, the new statue of Coach Nick Saban was unveiled before the A Day game. Here is what we've got here on campus now. It's MASSIVE. Compared to all of the other statues of National Championship coaches, it looks like Saban is of utmost importance. Saban is even bigger than the Bear...please explain that one to me.

Roll Tide Roll!!

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  1. I can't wait to go see the Saban statue!

    I just awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. Make sure you check out my blog to get the details! :)