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My Dear Friend, Jake

Tonight, I hit a landmark, or so I'd like to call it.
I reached 1,000 views on my blog that I've only had for a few short weeks.
Thank you all so much for reading and being so supportive.

When it hit "1,000" tonight, I was talking to my long-time friend, Jake.
He swears up and down that he is the reason it's had 1,000 views, and that he is, without a doubt, my most loyal reader.

In appreciation to my friend, Jake, I'd like to share with you a few of our most memorable conversations from the many years. I'm sure you'll get a laugh. Keep in mind, this is a GUY we're talking about here!

 I was in 7th grade and Jake was in 9th grade. We were on MSN chat (remember? it was the cool thing back then). I thought Jake was the smartest kid on the planet and I asked him what a parabola is. He came back with the most scientific, proper definition you've ever seen. At that point, I knew that Jake would go to the moon one day. Years passed and I still believed Jake was "it". 
Much to my disappointment, he recently revealed to me that he had copied and pasted that oh so wonderful definition of a parabola from Wikipedia. Now we all see how smart Jake is...not.

Denim on Denim
I don't remember exactly when this was, but it was several years ago when Jake and I were texting. Somehow the topic of denim on denim came up. I told him that it was absolutely the biggest fashion faux pa he could ever commit. Little did I know, it is ok to wear denim on denim in contrasting shades. Now, every time either of us see anything about denim on denim, it is understood that we send a picture.

Air Brush Shirts
We've had plans for years to go to Gatlinburg and have matching air brushed shirts made. Jake, when is this ever going to happen? I'm beginning to lose hope.

I am a grammar freak. Jake is a journalism major. We hate bad grammar; therefore, we always speak to each other in the most "countryfied" grammar possible. This is what a typical conversation between Jake and me would look like:
"Hey what r u doin?" -Jake
"O nuthin just sittin on the porch waitin on Jimmy so me n him can go fishin." -Me
"O thatll be fun catch u somethin big like u dun last time u was out there." -Jake
Anyway, you get the point! 

Profile Picture
For years, Jake has begged to take a picture with me and always promised that he would make it his Facebook profile picture. I finally made my way over to him at the Alpha Psi Rodeo and we took the cutest picture. I got back from the rodeo and posted it, anticipating the change. Much to my surprise, HE UNTAGGED HIMSELF. Jake, I will never let you live that down.

This is the "sorority girl pose" picture that Jake and I took at the rodeo. Isn't is adorable?

Thank you, Jake for your loyalty to reading my blog. I really appreciate it and hope you continue to read.

To everyone else, thank you to you, as well. I hope that I have kept you entertained and will be able to continue to provide you with an occasional laugh. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. You need a like button on here, so I can press it ALOT!

  2. I was thinking the same thing ALOT yesterday.