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Go With a Plan, Stan

Do not ever, let me repeat, EVER go into a mall without a plan. Unless, of course, you have a whole lot more cashola than I do.

Huntsville, hold on to your britches, these Cobb ladies are hitting the stores full speed ahead tomorrow! I, Miss Organized, have a plan. I have done enough online reading, blogging, and window shopping to know exactly what it is in for this spring and summer, and I'm ready to begin the search. 

My shopping goals: 
Overall- Find stylish, affordable, classy pieces that will not only be "in" for a few months, but will become staples to my wardrobe. 

Tops- Choose tops that will look great alone for now, but will also be complemented by a cardigan when it's cool. 

Dresses- Keep them modest, yet chic. 

Shorts- Linen shorts are necessary for summer. 

Shoes- Avoid them at all costs. Now I'm asking myself, "What if the most gorgeous pair of shoes I've ever seen just hits me in the face??" Well, in that case, I'm gonna hafta have 'em, y'all! I'm a shoe addict, that's all there is to it; at least I admit it. 

Jewelry- Gold, coral, and jade jewelry go with everything so load up. 

Purses- Well, I've already found the perfect one. It's a Michael Kors cream, leather, cross body bag. Oh, I can smell the beach now... Talking my mom into buying it for me is a whole other goal. She says, "Dream on, sista, dream on."

Go with a plan or you will come home broke.

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