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Summer = Time to Redecorate

My, my! What a project I have ahead of me!

This summer, I have great plans to redecorate my apartment living room.

I have put together some things that I would like to purchase for my redecorating project. I already have a few things that will be staying; that is why I don't have a sofa and such. Remember the sofa? How could you ever forget it??

1. Ruffle Pillows
I already have a few accent pillows in my living room, but I just love these two. I think I might just have to have them. 

2. Red Lamp
I really like this red lamp. If I decide to spice up my room just a little bit more, I will go for this lamp. Otherwise, I will go for the bronze pair. 

3. Bronze Lamps
This bronze lamp set coordinates with the floor lamp that I already have. Knowing me, I'll probably end up going for these because I like things to match.

4. Cubicle/Entertainment Center
Instead of buying a heavy, expensive entertainment center for my apartment, I have decided I am going to get this cubicle set. I will put the television on top and fill the cubicles with accessories that you will see below.

5. Broyhill Living Room Chair
Since I have that hideous, ahem, absolutely gorgeous "Broyhill Santa Fe 1990 Sofa", I am going to need a side chair. I am definitely going to go for a solid chair; that sofa has enough pattern for the entire apartment. 

6. End Table Set
I am in desperate need of some handy little end tables. These are modern, matching, and affordable. Check, check, check.

7. Wall Clock
This clock is gorgeous and is my color scheme. A clock always adds a classic touch to a space. I'm not sure where I want to hang this, but I have several walls in need of art.

8. Mirror Collage
The wall in my dining area now has sconces on it, but I think a mirror collage would look better; therefore, I'm going to get one. 

9. Wall Sconces
These will look great on either side of my television. Don't worry, I won't forget the red candles!

These are for the cubicles:

10. Frame
I want to acquire a unique collection of frames and pictures over the summer. By fall, I should have several interesting pieces to add interest to the cubicles under my television. 

11. Banana Leaf Basket
I want to buy a variety of baskets to fill with "junk" that no one wants to see. Different shades of brown, liners, and sizes will add character.

12. Elephant Accent
Roll Tide.

13. Vase Collection
These are gorgeous, the perfect colors, and will look wonderful in my cubicles. Too bad they're useless.

14. Jar
This, unlike the vase collection, is not useless. It's perfect for yummy chocolates!

My goal for this project is to incorporate the design elements and principles into the space. I can't wait until I get it all finished and ready for the fall semester. Pictures will be posted, guaranteed.

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  1. Hey Jessica! I love your blog, it is so cute! I also love these accessories for your apartment!

    Come by and check out my blog! :)

    love, b. purpura