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Let's Run Away...

My life-saver, ahem, planner.
        Let me tell you a little something about me. 

        I am an extremely organized person.

        That may even be and understatement. 

           I am an obsessive compulsive person.

   Maybe I just got a little carried away. It's normal.

I am an organized person on the verge of compulsion.

There we go. Perfect.

Finals are in THREE (3), as in 1,2,3, weeks. Yeah, that's all. I know my parents are saying,  "Where did the time go? It feels like just yesterday that we wrote a check for all of our arms and legs with 'The University of Alabama' in the recipient line." I am feeling the exact same way right now (minus the check writing nonsense, that's for the birds). 

When the word "finals" is said around me, that's a far cry from what I hear. It sounds more like "stress, cram, insomnia, tears, confusion, caffeine, Gorgas, Rodgers, Gorgas, Starbucks, Java City, GORGASSSSSS, midnight, three in the morning, all nighter, notes, study guides, GORGASSSSSS, give me some coffee!!!!" to me! Go ahead and install the image of me with hair into your brains because in three weeks, I probably won't have any.

Now back to positivity..."Oh, yeah, hey! It's optimistic Jessica back with you. Sorry, I just went on that little rant about stress. What? What's stress? No stress here." JOKE!

Fall 2010 Finals Week.
NEVER AGAIN will my planner have this
much on one week. That's why I'm starting now!

Ok, so truth be told, I'm a little lot more stressed than I'd like to be. In attempt to prevent it being as bad as I had imagined above, I've already begun making study guides for every exam. They're coming along quite well, actually. EXCEPT SPANISH aka THE DEVIL. Avoid Spanish at all costs, that's my advice to you.

I'm going to stay optimistic about all of this final nonsense and rely on my to do lists, yes! I said listS with an "s." I have one that is labeled "To Do Today" and one that is simply "To Do." I don't think I need to go into further detail on that one, do I?

It's quickly approaching midnight and I am looking at my list called "To Do Today" and there is still something on there so I better get back to that. Guess what the ONE thing is? Oh yeah, tough's STUDY SPANISH. Learning another language is no fun and it's HARD. 

Adios amigos. I meant, "See y'all!"

Until next time, stay organized and avoid foreign languages.

P.S. College is impossible without a great planner. Get one. Get one with many, many, many lines for each day. You'll need them.

Also, I finally received the awaited e-mail on Monday morning. Unfortunately, I was not chosen as a CHES ambassador for next year. I question if any interior design majors were added to the group. I believe that all of the representatives from my major are upcoming seniors which means they are either returning or were chosen due to their experience with the college. I intend to reapply next year after I have had more time to form relationships within the college. As of now, I have only completed one semester here at the University so I haven't met many instructors yet. Over the next year, I will do my best to shine and show my abilities so that I can have a better recommendation for the next application process. Wish me luck, once again! Thank you so much for all of your support.

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