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Have you been wondering how to lighten your space for spring without lightening your wallet?

I've put together a few things to help with the best transition of the year: winter to spring. Even better than the bright colors is the price; this entire ensemble costs less than $200!

Purchase these gorgeous spring decor items and have them forever. Each year, just swap out your things when the seasons change for a whole new look.

This gorgeous, fun bedding set can be purchased at Target, one of my favorite stores. The queen size coverlet is $70 and the pillows total about $30. The total for this bright bedding is right at $100. WOW!

Put this mirror, horizontally, above the bed. It's from Wal-Mart and will only cost you $30. Adding a mirror to a space makes it seem larger. Also, the warm sunlight will come through the windows and reflect off of this mirror adding brightness. Exactly what we want for spring, right?
Swap out your dreary draperies for these sheer white ones. Grab them next time you're in Target for $12 for the pair. They add a pop of free-flowing fun to the space and allow for natural light to come in, too. Natural light > artificial lighting any day, just another way to save energy.

This just happens to be the lamp base that I have in my room now. It's so funky and fun. Bring in spring with this hammered silver base and white shade. So cute and so affordable at Wal-Mart for only $25.

Shop Target and Wal-Mart for your new spring decor. You CAN lighten your space without lightening your wallet, I promise.

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