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Rain, Rain, Go Away...Well, Maybe Not

Usually when it rains, I have absolutely nothing positive to say about it. Next time it is pouring rain, you try to walk several miles sloshing through the mud with a ten pound backpack on your back, while simultaneously fighting an umbrella, and see if you have anything positive to say. I'll just save you the trouble now and guarantee that you won't be a happy camper. All I have to say is thank goodness for raincoats and rain boots, they are pretty handy to have! And hey! They come in cute designs these days.

WHOA! Wait a minute. DESIGNS?? You know me, I'm all about a good design. Today, instead of sitting, waiting, wishing on the sun so I could go run, take Winston for a few laps around the neighborhood, or even play a little golf, I thought about design inspirations I could find in a rainy day. 

As I sat quietly, typing, under the ginormous pile of textiles notes all afternoon, I had color palettes turning in my head. Yes, when I looked outside my front windows, it looked pretty nasty, BUT think about a design concept of "rainy day." Think about the colors, the shapes, and the water!! Water, water, water. 

Here is what I've compiled for a concept of "RAINY DAY." Let me know if you want a room/space done in this palette! I can guarantee I'm free when you need me!!

Doesn't this color palette just make you want to cuddle up with your favorite person and watch movies all day without a care in the world?

These are all Sherwin Williams paints, by the way. Sherwin Williams is the best. Technically, I can't say that because I haven't tried every single kind of paint out there, but I would suggest you choose Sherwin Williams because they have a sustainable, eco-friendly paint line. Saving the planet, one choice at a time.

What good is the concept of a "rainy day" without an indoor wall fountain? I can hear the water trickling now. Sounds like nap time to me...

Please ignore this obnoxious blue color and imagine it was toned down a little, a lot. Now that you've got a gorgeous blue gray, raindrop shaped glass vase in mind, think of it in your "rainy day" room. Perfect, huh?

Isn't this lighting fixture amazing? The raindrop shapes make the concept so real. The length of the fixture can also add height to the space.

Relax and enjoy the rainy afternoons. Add a little Jack Johnson if you'd like, that's what I'd do.

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