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Nerve racking. When I think of the interview I endured today, those are the only two words that come to mind. 

First, let me tell you about the position for which I was interviewed today. My college here at the University of Alabama is the College of Human Environmental Science, which I will refer to as "CHES." CHES has a group of 25 ambassadors who are considered the public relations representatives and tour guides for the college. Ambassadors are responsible for attending all University Days, BamaBound sessions, and Homecoming events along with giving tours when needed. Since the first time I visited Doster Hall and saw the pictures of the ambassadors on the wall, I knew I wanted to be involved with ambassadors one day.

The Spring 2011 semester came very quickly and ambassador applications were available. I completed my application about a month ago and today was the BIG day, the interview. 

I arrived at Doster Hall along with 27 other students being interviewed during the same session. We were all equally as nervous, shaking, wondering how the interview session would be set up and the questions the judging panel would ask. 

The director of the interviews came out of the Alumni Room to tell us about the procedure that we were about to all face. She announced that there would be a panel of 8 judges and one interviewee at a time. Each interviewee would enter the room and STAND, let me repeat...STAND, at the end of a table and we would be asked one question and have 2 minutes to answer it to the best of our ability. Then, she decided to add to our nervousness by telling us that 20 of 58 applicants would be serving as a CHES ambassador following the selection.

I was the fifth person to face the panel of judges. I will not share with you the question that I was asked, but I will tell you that I feel that I did well answering. I was given the opportunity to express why I chose to enroll in the CHES and not only how I feel that I would benefit from being an ambassador, but how I could benefit the college as an ambassador. Yes, I know you're thinking "that's so typical", but I did my best to think outside of the box and show my personality, knowledge, and interviewing skills when answering.

Results of the interviews should be posted in a few days and I'll let you know if I will be representing CHES in the Fall 2011 semester. Wish me luck :))

Now to my favorite part...MY OUTFIT!

I got this Judith March dress at an adorable boutique in Panama City called DeJaVu! Don't you love it?

These are my favorite, most worn shoes. They go with practically everything. I would suggest you hit up Charlotte Russe for their trendy, affordable heels soon. 

Remember: ALWAYS DRESS TO IMPRESS  and smile!

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