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Saturday night after I got back from spring break in Panama City, it was GIRLS' NIGHT! Several of the precious girls that I met at community college and I went to Ichiban for dinner. We had such a blast; it was great to get to see everyone again. I never thought when I moved to Tuscaloosa that I would lose contact with friends from home but, sadly, I have. There have been so many changes in all of our lives since we last talked and I was so glad to get to catch up with everyone. My, my, how things change so quickly.

While I was out with all of these girls, I realized what different personalities and interests we all have. As a designer, I must be able to see each person as an individual and think of a space in which she would be most comfortable. In the beginning of the design process, a client profile must be completed. Yes, I've done several of these but no, I've never really thought about why I was required to do one for each client. Now I see! We're all different, we all like different things, and we all enjoy different environments.

I'm sure I seemed a little dazed at the dinner table, but I was thinking about my future! I'm silly, I know. Hopefully in a few years when I am a licensed designer, all of these sweet girls will let me design their homes, workspaces, etc!

Now...let me introduce you to the fabulous chicas at GIRLS' NIGHT!!!

Front row: Me, Brandi, Kodie, and Caitlin
Back row: Whitney, Molly, Katie, Skylar, Jessica, and Haley

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