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Father's Day Fun

Why I didn't get a picture with my dad on Father's Day, 
I will never know.
I always have my camera. Why it slipped my mind to get a picture of us, I still can't figure out.


I did get a picture of the wonderful desert my mom and I made for my dad and granddad on Father's Day. 

It was a
and it was super yummy.

Since the picture isn't very pretty because 
a) I don't know how to cut deserts 
b) I don't know how to take pictures of them, 
I will tell you about the 4 layers.

1: The bottom layer is made of flour, butter, and pecans. It's kind of like a Pecan Sandie crust.
2: The second layer is a mixture of cream cheese and confectioner's sugar.
3: The third layer is chocolate pudding.
4: The top layer is Cool Whip topped with pecan pieces.

My mom and I always, always, always use the lowest fat, lowest sugar ingredients for everything we make, but not this time.
Since the deserts were somewhat of a gift, we decided to make them the best they could be so that meant full fat and full sugar everything.

Doesn't it sound so good?
Don't you wish you could have had some?

Sorry. Maybe next time.

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