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He Is Risen

I'm sure I could have done an in depth post about Easter a week ago and you all would have been interested. 
Now, probably not so much

I am just getting around to doing a post about Easter because my life has been as hectic as ever for over a week. I have been running around like I don't have any sense.

Monday and Tuesday after Easter Sunday, I had class allll day then had to come home to laundry, cleaning, and homework.
Wednesday, I left for the beach and was there until Saturday. 
When I got back Sunday...well, it was already too late to do a super cool Easter post. we are.
Yes, I do realize it's Tuesday again, and I'm just getting around to this.

Please bear with me.
I'm sure you understand.

Easter Sunday, I got up bright and early and put on all of my 
Easter Frock.
The Biddle family and I attended the wonderful service at the Fellowship then enjoyed lunch together.

Meg, Molly, and I took a few pictures that I would like to share.

The Biddles were lookin' mighty spiffy on Easter Sunday!

Sean's two sisters, Meg and Molly, are both so 
unbelievably sweet and stunningly gorgeous!

My adorable boyfriend is a goof ball!

I know you just said, "Awww!!"

I took this adorable picture of Meg.
(With her guidance, of course.)

Thank you, Meg, for taking all of these pictures of me! 
I have so many blog profile pictures now.

I hope you all had as wonderful of an Easter as I did.
Yep, I just made you think back 9 days.
You're going to be ok, I guarantee it.

And as they were coming down the mountain, he charged them to tell no one what they had seen, until the Son of Man had risen from the dead.
Mark 9:9

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