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It's Rodeo, Y'all!

As many of you may know, last weekend was the famous Alpha Psi Rodeo in Auburn. This 65 year tradition has become somewhat of a Southeastern holiday. People from colleges and universities all over the Southeast make their way into Auburn, Alabama for a weekend of calf ropin', sangin', dancin', drankin', and gettin' a good ol' sunburn. I've wondered for years how in the world something so "redneck" could be so much fun. Well, now I know. I experienced the rodeo and I had a blast. If you like to have a good time, go ahead and mark your calendars for next year's rodeo. Plan to take off work and skip class. I promise you won't regret it.

The rodeo is a lot like Halloween, but every one is a redneck. 

It's easy, I tell ya. Just go on down to that there thrift store, pick ye up the best racing t-shirt they've got, cut the sleeves out, cut ye old jeans up, and pack ye sh** kickin' boots. Throw it all on and hop 'bout 15 deep in the back of ye pick 'em up truck.

Hang out with ye best friends


 have ye a good ol' time with ye ol' high school buddies.

When the sun goes down, head on over to the stage and move ye boots to a little Blake Shelton. 

The rodeo is a place for makin' new memories ye ain't never gonna remember (uhoh, Mom's looking) forget. 

War Damn Rodeo (as them Auburn folks say).

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