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When I think of my hometown, only one word comes to mind.
Fortunately, after this long, we've figured out how to make being home fun.

Boaz...well, we have the theatre, the bowling alley, and Los Arcos.
Yeah, right...

Instead of being lousy and doing the typical Boaz things, my friends and I have 
in the summer.
Yes, that's right.

My friend, Cody, started having everyone out to his land for bonfires when we were in ninth or tenth grade and we still gather out there when everyone is home.
When I come home to visit, one of the first things I do is text Cody and ask if we can have a fire.

Tonight, we all gathered around the cozy fire to celebrate a few '09ers birthdays.
It was so great to get to see everyone again.
It's been way too darn long, guys!

I snapped a few pictures while we were out there.
Let me show ya!

The guy in the green, that's Robby. He's one of my very, very best friends.
Then that's me, durrr.
Meg is next, in the black and white top. She is Sean's sister and one of my very good friends.
Torre is in the sling. He's an awesome Boaz '08er.
Back row silly faced guy is Jordan. He's from Albertville, enough said. 
Then there's Parker aka Parka Waka Flame.

Lookie here! It's Parker again.
We're closer now than we were in high school and I love it.
He's precious.
I can't wait for all of the great memories we're going to make on Lake Guntersville this summer!

These are just a few of my friends.
I do have more, I promise.
It was really, really dark out there tonight and everyone was getting aggravated with my camera flashing.
Sorry, y'all.

Here in the wonderful town of Boaz, we have bonfires when we're bored.
Don't be hatin' because I know you want to.

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