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Birthday Fun

The first few weeks of my Summer vacation have been more hectic than when I had to live by a daily schedule and go to class.

It's been 
go, go, go 
since I got back to Boaz.


I'm back on Blogger,
and, as we all know,
that's all the matters.

What have I been up to lately?
working, shopping, spending tons of time with my precious boy, and

CELEBRATING Diddy's birthday!

Oh, did we have a blast

Let me show ya!!

THE ever so gorgeous sunset over Lake Guntersville.

Here we have my boyfriend, Sean, me, the birthday boy man aka Diddy, and my cutie Momma!

Happy birthday, Pops!

We turned around and Diddy was missing. 
We found him on someone's boat.

"Diddy! You can't just go get on someone's boat!!!!" -Me
"Why not? I'm not even drinking their Sam's diet Cola. They don't have anything to worry about." -Diddy

He was not getting off of that boat. 

When we got back from dinner, I had a desert made for his birthday.
I know it doesn't look very pretty (it sunk), but it sure was tasty!

let's all have fun this summer.
Enjoy the warm weather, the lazy days by the pool, the fun times on the ski boats, the long days of shopping, and the perfect days on the beach.

Happy summer, y'all!

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