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Everyone Has a Story and This is Mine

Throughout my entire childhood, I never questioned what I would be when I “grew up”; I was going to be a pharmacist from the word “go!”
As high school graduation approached in the spring of 2009, I suddenly had a change of heart. I was preparing to start college and was totally clueless as to where I wanted to study. Since I had all of a sudden decided that I was going into civil engineering, it seemed as though Auburn University would be the perfect place for me. As a typical confused senior, I had no clue where I truly wanted to be for the next 4-8 years of my life. My parents and I spent many long hours discussing the pros and cons of different majors and different schools trying to decide where I would best fit.
We came to the conclusion that it would be best for me to stay at home and go to Snead State for at least one year and so I did.  I started Snead State in the fall of 2009 and enjoyed every minute of the community college experience. I got involved in so many ways and made friends that will last a lifetime.
By the spring of 2010, I knew that I wanted to be a civil engineer and design roadways and bridges. I also knew that I wanted to attend the University of Alabama. I applied, got accepted, met with advisors, went through Bama Bound, and had a full schedule of engineering courses planned for my first semester in August. You know…the whole nine yards. July quickly approached and I was beginning to pack my things to move to Tuscaloosa.
One summer night driving home from physics class at Gadsden State, I drove in silence, with the exception of me sobbing, and thought very deeply about what I truly wanted for myself. I decided right then and there that I wanted to change my major to interior design. So here I go walking into the kitchen a nervous wreck ready to spill the news to my parents. I explained to them that I could not see myself sitting at a desk doing physics for the rest of my life then going out to job sites wearing a hard hat. That simply is not who I am. Of course they were surprised, upset, and had what seemed like a million questions to ask. Several days later, we all came down and met with the dean of interior design and changed my entire schedule for the fall. I instantly had a new outlook on life; I was happy.
I began my classes and fell in love with my new major. I am now a very busy interior design major. I truly enjoy every second I spend on the campus of UA and I am always so giddy when I go into my design classes. Being eager to learn always makes life more enjoyable. I have had such an incredible experience thus far here at the Capstone and look forward to my future not only as a student but also as a professional designer.
Now that I go back and think about what I have always enjoyed in life, I see that has been design since I was very young. I was always a girly girl who loved clothes, purses, make up, drawing, coloring, and painting. Yes, it may have taken me longer than most but I have found my niche. 

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